Getting Kicked Out is Never Any Fun

So the center accepted Jonathon for a shortened summer term.  We went two mornings a week, for an hour at a time.  We used a program called Lexia, for twenty minutes before his tutoring sessions.  I thought this was the best thing since white sliced bread!

Jonathon began to cry on our way to the center, much in the same way he had cried on his way to school.  I would take Jonathon home noticing he had the “crying rash.”  I thought, “Big Whoop, it’s probably nothing…” Jonathon has always gotten a reddish rash under his skin when he cries hard and he has been an easy crier.  I knew he had been crying.  Asking Jonathon what was going on, all he would say is he didn’t like it, he didn’t want to go.  The only way I got him there, was reminding him that they were going to get him reading, which has always been a real hearts desire for Jonathon.

Please do not get me wrong, I love the Mason’s Learning Centers.  Their vision is golden.  I would support them at every turn.  We did not fit their program.

After a few weeks, ending our term of tutoring, I sensed a change.  Were the staff staring at me different?  I sensed a cold change in atmosphere.  If these things were really happening are neither here nor there.  But what happened gripped my heart and shook my emotions.

During the last week, the director, one morning called me into her office.  It reminded me of the principal’s office, never a good thing to be told to go there.  The director let me know she was not sure if Jonathon would be able to return.  She told me he shook, cried, and was not learning as quickly as their curriculum provided.  I was devastated.  Our answer was not an answer at all.  Was there a path for Jonathon?  We were told to observe Jonathon’s tutoring.

My husband and I came to observe, so did our wonderful speech therapist.  What we saw, I hope to never see again.  Jonathon’s veins stuck out in his temples as he tried to retrieve knowledge.  His body tremored as he tried to communicate what was being asked of him.  I had to look away, it was much too painful to watch.  The tutor was gracious and tried to calm my son, my precious blessing, my sweet Boy Wonder.  I tried to hold back vomit.  I tried to hide my utter astonishment.

We left the center and never returned.  I could not do that to Jonathon to even entertain returning.  It was too intense for him.  I felt totally alone, totally blind.  I did somehow find the words to tell Jonathon, “You are the bravest boy I have ever seen!  I am so proud of you!”  Jonathon did not respond.  He has never spoken of the center again.  I was shaken, but I kept wondering what it would be like to be Jonathon, how was my guy feeling?

I do know just in a few short weeks, the center did help Jonathon learn all the letter sounds even better and helped him with the sh, ch, and th sounds.  But I was panicking!  I was a mess.  If Jonathon could not hold his own with the special free tutoring, what did the future hold?  What would keep Jonathon from being the man in the library (see the last post)?  I was a mess.  I kept praying.  I had that gut check, something else besides dyslexia was going on, but what?!

The Lexia program mentioned above has been awesome for Jonathon!  It has made him cry and shake, but when it does that, I have learned through much “drama.”  We just go back a level.  It has helped hone Jonathon’s reading skills big time.  It can be a little “dry,” so we use it in small doses, no more than twenty minutes at a time.  We used it almost daily when we home schooled.  Now Jonathon’s school uses it for Language homework. 

Great reading program, they have a home version too, costing around $80.00

Lexia Learning programs rock!  Google search the company.  Their products and results speak for itself.  They are also on Facebook, you can join their group.  Hope you enjoy their company as much as we have!


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